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Justlex has grown through the years by employing young professionals.

Our strategy is to partner professionals who have achieved an appropriate growth within the firm and who have shown the required qualities to become a partner in the future.

We believe that the development of the legal activity and a suitable knowledge of the matter require the employment of outstanding candidates being able to bring with themselves their own experience and attitude within a dynamic environment as Justlex.

Junior Administrative Assistant

The ideal candidate must be able to answer email, welcome clients and suppliers, translate corporate documents, file paper and online documents, arrange client meetings, take care of telephone coverage and travel arrangements.

The candidate must have at least 1 year of working experience and being able to speak English and French fluently (the knowledge of Luxembourgish language is a plus).

The candidate must have excellent communication and organizational skills.

Please fill the form and enclose your CV and Cover Letter.

Junior Avocat a la Cour/Intern

The ideal candidate is a young professional, provided with excellent academic background, experience abroad, excellent knowledge of English and French (the knowledge of Luxembourgish language is a plus), and ability to give the best in doing his professional activities, with dedication and discipline.

Please fill the form and enclose your CV and Cover Letter.